A mix of imitation and personal style in a creative photo design movie poster recreation.

I have an odd personal love for minimal movie posters. Just over Christmas break this past year, I was at the movie theatre with my husband’s family and I found myself staring at the movie posters on the wall, but one in particular. The one for the upcoming Despicable Me movie. Now my attention was not drawn to this poster because I was most interested in that movie. It captured my attention because of its minimalist style and use of white space. When I realized this, I asked my husband and father in law which ones caught their attention the most. I was glad to hear that my husband had the same opinion as me! (Even though my father in law was attracted to the ever-so-busy LEGO movie poster).

Because of this experience I had, I had the desire to replicate a simple, minimal movie poster. The trick was finding one where I could effectively be the main character. To my advantage, Passengers is playing at the movies right now and I realized that it fit all those requirements I was looking for in order to recreate a movie poster through my photo design abilities. Link to Movie Poster. 

I started executing this project by taking lots of photos of my husband, trying to match the lighting of the Passengers movie poster I had seen. It took a lot of trial and error, but I ended up with the following photo of my husband that I liked the best. I took these in our apartment against an off-white wall that turned out much darker in the photos. Original photo with no editing:


Then, I switched places with my husband, had the camera set to have a self timer of 10 seconds, clicked the shutter and ran back to the chair and posed while my camera took a few shots in a row. Original photo with no editing:


To take these particular photos, I had a strobe light set up directly in front of our faces, pointing down at us, similar to how you would do a butterfly lighting pattern. I then tried using a reflector to fill in some of those shadows. They don’t look like anything special unedited, but I was able to turn them into a pretty sweet movie poster.

Below you can see my final product movie poster. I had to do a lot of editing to change the color of the background, and selective coloring all around. This movie poster photo design makes us look like we are ready for Hollywood!



Mockup from:  http://allfreedesigns.com/poster-mockup-templates/

I received some great critique from classmates to get this poster to where it is now. Emily Birkmeyer gave me lots of great feedback by saying that my background behind each person needed to be more white instead of the cream color it was before her critique. I also got a critique from Sister Esplin in regards to my movie poster text at the bottom of my poster! She suggested including it at the bottom of my poster with a white background and some light/subtle text on top of it, which I ended up implementing. I also briefly talked with Julia Meireles about my overall poster and the lighting I was trying to achieve with my photos, and she did not think I needed to change anything there, so I did not.

If you’d like to see more fun movie poster recreations, check out this blog: https://geenamariedesign.wordpress.com/my-work/photoshop/johnny-english-movie-poster-reborn/